The geography of Patum Thani province.

          Patum Thani is set in the middle part of Thailand. It is about latitude 14 Degree north and longitude 100 degree east. It is 2.30 meters above sea level, it’s area about 1.525.856 square kilometers or about 953,660 ares.The distance from Bangkok via to the north along Pahol yotin road No.1 is about 27.8 kilometers.

It’s areas is near the following provinces:

From north
is Bangsai,Bangpain and Wungnoi district of Ayutthaya province. Ningkae and Wiharndaeng district of Saraburi.

From east
is Aungkaruk district of Nakornnayauk province , and Bangnampriew district of Shachaungsow. 

From the west,
is dadbualuang district of Ayutthaya province, Banglen district of Nakornpatome province, and Sainoi district of nonetaburi province.

From the south,
is Nongjog, Klongsamwa, Saimai, Banhken, Donmuang district of Bangkok and Pakgres, Bangbuatong district of nontaburi province.