Most parts of the province are flat plains which stand on the both coasts of the Chao praya river. It flows past the main district and Samcoke district where Pathum Thani was divided into two parts. The one is the western part or the right coast of river. This part is including Ladlumkaew district, some part of the main district and Samcoke district.

Another one is the eastern part or the left coast of the Chowpraya river where some parts of the main district, Tunyaburi, longluang, Ningsua, Lumlukka and some part of Samcoke district stand on. Normally, the level of the higher at the average 50 Centimeters, which cause the flood over the right coast.

          On the over hand, on the left coast the flood can be controlled, due to a lot of canals over there can reduce it.

Type of soil

          Most parts of the province are flat plains, which produce clay
with acid PH6-4 . There are two kinds of soil, one is good soil which
has 30% another one is acid soil which has 70% more over the clay
cannot drain the water out. So it makes the water slowly running.
This type of soil is not good for planting and farming especially
growing rice gives a small product. We can solve these problems
by providing lime and compost to get much more product.